Dense, addictive, multi-pass, colour printing with trees shorn of their leaves transformed into thirty six layer deep technicolour.

Deep Red is an investigation into additive colour mixing on film. Handmade by a d-i-y silkscreen printing technique. Starting point are on black and white hi-con filmed trees shorn of their leaves. As if they're the reminiscent of branches seen flashing past in the night from the back seat of a car. Transformed into thirty six layer deep technicolour. Supported by Nederlands Film Fonds
Sound by VRIL: The Fatal Duckpond, soundtrack for imaginary films. The instrumental 'twangy' guitar band VRIL invited filmmakers to add some images to their music.

The film is showing a few scantely dressed women repeating the same action. Contact printed over and over again. Is it a spicy audition in the 60'ties, or is the test the film?

For the film a flatbed editing table is (mis)used as a contact printer. Raw stock and original film passing the lamp which light is reduced with grey and colour filters. Sometimes the raw stock is printed over and over again in multiple coloured layers.
An attack of imagined nostalgia for childhood. The applied do-it-yourself bas-relief print technique ensures a coloured image.
A gloomy narrative, in which we look back on a life, in the form of visions and memories.
Deep Red - Dir/Prod/Cam: Esther Urlus
7'15 min, 16mm anamorphic blow up to 35mm, hand processed, 2012
Audition - Dir/Prod/Cam: Esther Urlus
3'15 min, 16mm hand processed & printed colour print stock, 2011
Idyll - Dir/Prod/Cam: Esther Urlus
6 min, 16mm hand processed and printed colour print stock, 2008
ISO - Dir/Prod/Cam: Esther Urlus & Kerlin Beute
9 min, 16mm b&w, optical sound, 2006
Abandoned Interieurs - Dir/Prod/Cam: Esther Urlus
7'40 min, 16mm hand processed colour negative, 2004
The film is showing a series of empty interiors of houses a few days befor their demolition due to urban renewal.