Esther Urlus
Elli - Dir/Pro/Cam: Esther Urlus Sound: Matt Kemp
8 min, 16mm phasing zebra loops printed to colour, 2015/16
Elli consists of a seascape shot from the spot that marks the start of World War II in Greece. However, it is also a follow-up to my inquisitive interest in colour mixing in film. In this case, the optical mixing created by various flicker effects.

Strong sequential changes in the frames-per-second series can cause physical reactions and the beholder will sense seeing colours and shapes. In this case the shape of a frigate (Elli Cruiser), laying motionless in a bay at anchor, which only seems to appear as an afterimage in various coloured flicker sequences.

The sound you hear is caused by the optical noise of film grain. Mastered through a written piece of code which chooses the sample size of the image and is triggered by luma (light levels) and the separate colour values for RG and B.