Esther Urlus
workshop 1: direct animation
Direct animation harks back to the photogram: you place objects directly on undeveloped film and use a small light beam to create images. The result has to be processed. The exposed portion is black and where the objects were, there will be a white (transparent) image. In this workshop you will work in the darkroom. You work with black-and-white film. The film strips can be coloured in the second workshop.
workshop 2: tinting & toning
Even before the invention of colour film, filmmakers experimented with colour. One of the techniques was tinting & toning. Toning involves a chemical method to concert the black-and-white image to a colour record, with a chemical process. Tinting is the application of colour dye to black- and-white film. A combination of the two methods leeds to subtle and often beautiful effects. In this workshop you practice colour methods and use colours like a painter uses paint. You can colour a black-and-white film of the first workshop or use existing (found) footage work.
workshop 3: 2-day introduction workshop into d-i-y 16mm filming.
The workshop learns you the basics according the d-i-y way of working with 16mm film: A (hopefully) rest of your live madness. The workshop will cover techniques such as (spring Bolex) camera, lightreading, lenses, developing, (contact/optical) printing, "flatbed" editing and chemical experiments. During this 2-days you will work with the camera yourself, you then develop, print and cut the film.
workshop 4: hand made film emulsion
The starting point is the home brewing of a basic silver emulsion based on gelatin, potassium bromide and silver nitrate. To be able to resurrect the art, science, and craft of silver gelatin emulsions we need to experiment freely and share openly. It signifies a hope and commitment to making sure these techniques, tricks and handy tips remain openly available to all who might need them. Let’s not keep any secrets! These (chemical) recipes, celluloid experiments and emulsion extras should be absolutely public. Let’s make home brew emulsion films! Let’s make a lot!
handmade emulsion indirect(methylene blue)toning
16mm still Konrad & Kurfurst 2013/14
Bolex 16mm film camera
direct animation